Increase Customer Satisfaction with Edlund

It's a well-known fact that even minor improvements in the ability to retain customers has a major impact on the bottom line of a business. That's why customer satisfaction is such an important factor in the highly competitive insurance industry.

Flexibility with an individual focus

Providing good customer service is not just about reducing waiting times and being serviceminded. It's also important to allow the customers to get an overview of their policies, pensions and funds when they need to. In addition, the caseworker must be able to solve any issues quickly. All this requires fast and flexible IT systems.

The Edlund solutions can easily be adapted to suit individual companies and groups of employees. Furthermore, the flexibility of our UNITLINK module makes it possible for you to offer individual investment plans to each participant in company schemes. 

Efficient employees lead to happier customers

At Edlund we have more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Our specialty is optimising processes from a customer and employee perspective. It is our declared goal to enable all employees to help customers and colleagues quickly and efficiently - preferable to the extent that 80% of all cases can be finalised within one operation.

Contact us for documentation and more information about how you can retain your customers and improve their satisfaction by implementing an Edlund solution.