What is ACTULUS?

ACTULUS® is Edlund's next-generation platform for the calculation of market values and cash flows. ACTULUS supports calculations for G82 as well as for customised products in models modelling surrender and premium-free policies. ACTULUS is thus designed to meet future requirements and meet future statutory requirements in respect of financial statements and reporting and solvency assessments. With cash flows for surrender and premium-free policies, ACTULUS can for example also be used for improving your risk management system.

As opposed to traditional calculation methodology within the industry, ACTULUS is based on differential equations. This renders ACTULUS more flexible than its predecessor and enables e.g. the handling of models with cycles. This is also ensuring the correct handling of surrender and premium-free policies at policy level.

State model for two-life insurance policies modelling surrender and premium-free policies. 

ACTULUS is a fully documented standard system which is easy to apply. Due to its intuitive user interface, which can be accessed from a web browser, all you need to get started using ACTULUS is a username and password.

ACTULUS focuses on the quality of the calculation output. Accuracy and reliability are ensured via extensive and systematic testing on several levels.