Tomorrow's Standard for Life and Pension

LIFELINK® is Scandinavia's leading industry solution for the policy management within the life insurance and pension industries. The thoroughly tested and documented system is based on more than 25 years of experience in configuring solutions for the industry. LIFELINK supports average yield, market yield and unitlinked products in a single solution.

Why choose LIFELINK?

LIFELINK supports all necessary elements and processes related to the policy management of life insurance and pension companies. With a LIFELINK solution, your company's systems are configured to meet future requirements, since the system is 100% based on .NET components, and the module is upgraded twice a year. Upgrades include e.g. changes in statutory requirements or new functionality developed to respond to the industry's requests and needs. Upgrades are seamlessly integrated into the solution. 

LIFELINK has been developed on the basis of Edlund's close cooperation with pension companies, and our experience and in-depth knowledge of the common working processes within the life insurance and pension industries. LIFELINK consists of a number of standard modules for the management of contracts, policies, contributions and disbursements as well as workflows and integration with regulatory bodies. LIFELINK can be fully integrated with the customer's specific system landscape via system integration and web services.

The LIFELINK business and system processes have been described in Edlunds Process Catalogue, documenting best practice for the implementation and use of LIFELINK modules.

Our modular design ensures an optimum solution

Standard modules typically account for 80-85% of the final solution. In close cooperation with the customer, the remaining customer-specific part of the solution is customised in separate programming modules that are seamlessly integrated according to the most recent architectural principles. This results in a cost-efficient and reliable solution that reduces per-policy costs significantly.

LIFELINK has been developed with a focus on quality and reliability as regards calculations and projections, high performance and a user-friendly interface. We offer cost-efficient maintenance and upgrading of the standard system, since the costs are shared with the remaining market players. 

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